Sunday, 29 July 2012

Over the threshold

The hardest part of any adventure is that first step into the unknown. For me, that was finding a place to call home in a city that was completely foreign to me. Friends followed my anxious moans (Twitter and excruciatingly self-pitying texts) as I trekked around Bristol in 28 degree heat, trying to find a place to live at incredibly short notice. On Thursday, I was lucky enough to be driven down from Durham by my Dad, and then I hit the streets with a map and a very short list of house viewings (3). The first couple of houses were crossed straight off my list: as a 21-year-old girl alone in a new city, I wasn't keen on the prospect of living with several men in their mid-thirties, but on the third, I struck gold.

I said I would think about it, but already I knew: this had to be my home. Less than a minute from the hustle of Bristol's famed Gloucester Road, this sunny upstairs flat is in the perfect location, fantastically cheap and full of its own brand of charm. I moved in yesterday afternoon and made the room my own. A lot of my things had to stay back in the Northeast, but with a few photos and a floral bedspread, I made it feel like home.

This is just the beginning. Hopefully it will make the perfect base for my escapades.

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