Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Tea by Post #1

My mother went to university before the advent of Skype, text messages and BBM. While she was ensconced in the Midlands, filling her head with languages and meeting my dad, her best friend had travelled further afield, to Bristol in fact. They kept in touch by letter, and I remember my mum once mentioning posting digestive biscuits along with letters. They arrived crumbled, but you had something to dunk in your tea as you read the letter.

I've done it myself before. Once I posted my friend some bourbon biscuits wrapped in foil, notepaper and words (unfortunately for her, her dog managed to get through the wrappings before she did!). Recently, however, I was discussing fruit tea flavours with a friend and struck upon the idea of posting teabags. That way, you get the cup of tea. You might not want to dunk your Hobnobs in lemon and ginger Twining's, though.

And so, a couple of weeks ago, I parcelled up my first Tea by Post and sent it to Adam. My Bristol tea collection is pretty limited, but I managed a selection and added my own labels and a couple of other bits and pieces (Mo Farah meeting David Cameron plus washi tape equals fun, right? Right?!).

Lipton apple and cinnamon, Health & Heather lemon and ginger and the Mystery Tea (Clipper raspberry leaf, my favourite fruit tea)

Pop a letter in with the tea!
The following day, the fruity treats fell onto Adam's doormat and not long after that I received more tea in return, including cherry and cinnamon, which I'd dropped hints about (it's Twining's and is now a serious contender for favourite tea. Raspberry leaf had better watch its back). I took some to work and sat out in the sunshine at lunchtime, slurping warm, fruity tea with my sunglasses on. It was a delight. I'm about to try the orange, mango and cinnamon and I also received camomile and spiced apple (about which I am dubious but I'm hoping it will convert me into a camomile lover) and a Mystery Tea, which I have yet to taste. Exciting! Of course, there was also an owl postcard because no-one dares to post me anything without an owl involved somewhere.

A week or so later, I collected a parcel from the sorting office: my mum had sent me down some of my felts and embroidery yarns. In the package, she'd included some more of my tea collection. She was getting in on Tea by Post without realising! And now I have a few more treats to send to Adam. It is my turn, after all.

Yours over a cup of tea,

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