Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Snapshots of late: winter sunshine

I love the light in winter: sharper than before; cleaner. I love trudging around in my sturdy old Doc Martens, headphones cushioning my ears from the cold and eyes alert, scanning for moments to freeze. I love the bite in the air when we tilt away from the suns beams, and the caress of its light on my cheeks as we're drawn in closer along the path we cut around it. Just as much, I love escaping into cafés and warming my hands and heart on something fruity, tucking into a hearty lunch and discovering trinkets in the transient pop-up boutiques that pepper Bristol but don't always stick around for long!

 1. Winter sunshine at St. Nick's market. 2. Clean reflections on St. Augustine's Parade.

3 & 4. Filling up on sandwiches and "Granny's Garden" tea at Cox & Baloney's tearoom (adjacent to their delightful vintage boutique). 5. Their tea blends are available to buy to take home. Granny's Garden is a glorious, warming hug in delicate bone china.

6, 7 & 8. The Birdcage on Corn Street.

9 & 10. I picked up these hummingbird earrings from the Artizans Emporium at the Looking Glass arts space (the Emporium has sadly passed on by now). The darling deer is a little something I nabbed from my parents' house when they were moving earlier this year.


  1. This almost makes me like Winter, though I do agree about the light, I just wish I was out in it more.:) I'm definitely thinking I need to get some Dc Martins for next year though. Also I love the earrings, how pretty

  2. Only almost? It certainly has its own feel. And I love the hustle and bustle of the lead-up to Christmas! Look out in charity shops and car boot sales for DMs - these are my second pair and were only £35 brand new from a charity shop :-)