Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Atomic Burger: Never grow up

As a girl who loves her food, and loves a good gimmick, I've been itching to try out Atomic Burger at 189 Gloucester Road ever since I arrived in Bristol. So, when my friend Steph suggested we grab a bite to eat one evening, my choice, I knew exactly where we'd be heading.

From the moment you step over the threshold, you're transported back to a time when nothing much mattered other than your pog collection and mastering the seven times table. Projected against the far wall are scenes from iconic 80s and 90s films and every action figure and toy you could dredge up from memory dangles from the ceiling.

Atomic Burger is all about fun. Never grow up!

We squealed in amazement at the paradise of childhood memories unfolding around us, as friendly staff in "Space Cadet" t-shirts took our orders. First off, I couldn't resist a cocktail (I really never can), and was soon sipping a raspberry margharita and waiting for my food to arrive. When it did, I was certainly not disappointed. Each burger is named after a celebrity. I'd ordered a Sergio Leoni: roasted peppers, chorizo and sour cream on my burger of choice, chicken. I also had a side order of sci fries- with a name like that, how could I not?

The Sergio Leoni with sci fries

The food was divine and plentiful. My mouth is watering just thinking about it now! The sci fries had the perfect blend of chilli rub, the chicken was tender and the overall combination of the burger I'd chosen was absolutely perfect. The list of set toppings is extensive and includes famous names such as Daisy Duke (okay, so she's fictional), Johnny Cash and Audrey Hepburn. They also do milkshakes (being lactose intolerant, I couldn't sample them, sadly) and the dessert menu is a sight to behold! Clutching our tummmies, we decided to just split a "roasty toasty marshmallows", which comes with its own mini campfire for at-your-table toasting.

Roasty toasy marshmallows

It's now been a few weeks since our visit and I think I'm ready to go back for more (scratch that, I was ready as soon as I left the place!). Atomic Burger take bookings and also have a restaurant in Oxford.



  2. Ahh the Gloucester Road! I used to go there all the time, my mate lived like round the corner! I've never been to that burger place though

    Enjoy Bristol, its well and truly a beautiful place

    The Young Bridget Jones

  3. A good burger is the best thing ever, I've never been to Bristol but its on my list, so I'll keep this place in mind if we ever go.