Wednesday, 10 October 2012

The Liebster Blog Award

Many thanks to Holly for tagging me for the Liebster blog award, which aims to give blogs with under 200 followers a bit more recognition. I'm very grateful to be chosen and hope any new visitors to my blog know I appreciate the extra attention. Here are the rules:

1. Each person tagged must post 11 random facts about themselves.
2. They must answer the 11 questions posted by the previous blogger.
3. They must create 11 more questions to ask their tagged bloggers.
4. They must tag 11 blogs with less than 200 followers.
5. The bloggers must be told.
6. No tag backs.

So, without further ado...

11 facts about little old me:
1. As a teen, I nursed more than a fondness for romantic goth metal band HIM. Easing into my twenties, the roaring obsession has settled down a bit but that love will always be there. By the age of fifteen I had all their albums, the greatest hits, the singles collection, various other singles, the official DVD, the unofficial biography, an alarm clock, various t-shirts, hoodies... the list goes on. They're still going strong and I'm still buying their music and shrieking at their shows. For a big chunk of my life, HIM were, well, a big chunk of my life. And I thought I'd begin there.
2. I was born in Coventry in the West Midlands but moved to County Durham when I was 9. I did most of my real growing up in the Northeast, not even leaving to go to university. I've barely ventured outside its rolling hills, stodgy food and beloved slang (I miss the words the most, sometimes) until recently, when I upped sticks and moved to Bristol to begin my new adventure.
3. I have a degree in human genetics. I graduated this July from Newcastle University, so you can officially call me Kitty BSc (Hons).

On my graduation day: Kitty BSc (Hons).
4. I am lactose intolerant. It's not too troublesome as LactoFree do a fantastic range including lactose-free dairy milk (a life-saver for tea and cereal) but it does mean I've learned to be a bit more creative in the kitchen and have embraced soya products for the first time in my life.
5. I work for NHS Blood and Transplant, saving lives every day - I jest, but it is pretty fantastic knowing that the job I do benefits others. Since working for NHSBT I have finally gotten around to giving blood for the first time myself, and nagging/encouraging others to do so too.
6. I am the queen of the polka dot. At last count, I had three polka dot dresses, four polka dot shirts, a couple of polka dot tops, a polka dot cardigan, polka dot trousers (which I wear for work sometimes) and probably other garments I've forgotten about. I've reached the stage where it's become my signature pattern. Within a month of arriving in Bristol someone remarked upon my love of the spotty little wonders and for a gathering of friends last weekend someone had pre-warned me that they'd be annoyed if I didn't wear polka dots.
7. People always tell me I look like I have tattoos. I have none. I don't want any and don't think I ever will (although sometimes I think it'd be fun to get a little one on my bum that no-one would see).
8. People always tell me I look like I smoke weed. I've never even tried it. I've never tried any recreational drugs.
9. People always tell me I look like a vegetarian. I am not, although I love a good veggie burger (Kino burger, get in my tum!) and I don't eat much meat.
10. I have been caffeine free for two and a half years. That's right, I am that person who will walk into a coffee shop and order (sheepishly) a decaf soya latte. Often with vanilla or hazelnut syrup because soya lattes can be disgusting if not handled perfectly.
11. From the day I learned to write, I decided I was going to be a "writer". In my teens I changed my mind and insisted I would be some sort of scientist, eventually deciding I'd be a geneticist. I'm not there yet and not sure if it's the be all and end all anymore, but I am working in science/healthcare and, now, thanks to my blog, have an outlet for writing. So I've kept both my past promises to myself in a roundabout way.

Holly's 11 questions:
1. One thing you cannot live without? People. Without my friends and family I couldn't enjoy life the way I do.
2. What's your favourite song lyric? "How can I take you seriously with your gym by the bed and your Star Wars sheets?" I'm not sure I really have a favourite lyric but I love the Long Blondes and this line always gets a smirk out of me. Although if there are any potential suitors out there who do have Star Wars sheets, I disagree with the Long Blondes and I'd love to meet you.
3. Do you have any guilty pleasures?  Listening to boyband the Wanted and watching Hollyoaks, although I don't feel particularly ashamed about either. There's something irresistible about pop music and it's the most fun to sing along to. My younger sister used to like them and introduced me to them. I rolled my eyes and then got hooked myself. She no longer listens to them but I can't stop myself. Hollyoaks is another guilty pleasure, mainly because when the storylines are beginning to drag a bit I insist on keeping on watching it until a storyline I've been followed runs back in and resolves itself. Sadly, just as things got good (Murder! Intrigue! Etc!), I moved house and no longer have a telly. I tried to keep up online but my computer isn't up to scratch and doesn't let me. So I've had to let that one go for now.
4. Where's the one place in the world you would never visit? Ooh, this is a tricky one! Probably some backwater town in the USA where nothing had changed for decades and I'd want to scream? I don't know.
5. Do you collect anything? Postcards for my wall and polka dot clothing.
6. What's the last book you read and what did you think of it? "Roger Fishbite" by Emily Prager. It's a retelling of Nabokov's Lolita, which it's meant to turn on its head. It's years since I read Nabokov and I think I'd have preferred to read them in turn to see the comparison more clearly, but I did enjoy it. I liked the way it was written (from a 13-year-old's point of view, so quite simply but also amusingly precociously).
7. Give me five blogs I should follow. Lazy Crafternoons for craft inspiration, tutorials and to buy goodies in aid of Macmillan Cancer Care. For the Easily Distracted for... the easily distracted (and photos and to keep tabs on the latest Photoswap, which I participated in). Zine It Yourself for zines and fellow geordies. Making Things Club for all things crafty and fun. LandGirl 1980 for all things vintage.
8. How do you feel about nightclubs? It really depends on the music being played. I've grown to love some absolute dives because they put on nights that I can really throw myself into but, on the other hand, there are some great venues out there that only cater to very specific crowds (ahem, Tiger Tiger Newcastle) and I always find that a shame.
9. What's one thing you feel really passionately about? Garlic. Just chuck it in everything.
10. The last thing you ate? A soup├žon of fresh passionfruit, sneakily whilst preparing my breakfast for tomorrow. Before that, though, it was bratwurst, veggies and baked beans. I'm struggling with the low GI no potato rule today.
11. How are you? Happy. Run down but happy.

My 11 questions:
1. What are your top 3 artists for the past month? If you don't have, what have you been listening to the most lately?
2. What was the last book you read and didn't like?
3. Recommend me five films. I'm rubbish and have hardly seen anything!
4. Foodwise, what's your biggest vice?
5. What is your top album of 2012 so far?
6. What was your favourite item of clothing as a child?
7. What did you want to be when you grew up?
8. What do you want to be when you grow up?
9. Tell me about a hobby you have.
10. What are the first three websites you go to when you launch your browser?
11. Describe the last dream you can remember.

My nominations:
1. Katie Chappell Illustration - I met Katie when she came round to my house a couple of years ago to ring in the new year with vodka. She's a lovely and talented girl who has created a delightful guide to craft fairs in the Northeast. Follow her blog for updates on this and her other ventures. Also, she has cats.
2. For the Easily Distracted - I'm not sure how many GFC followers Rhianne has but she has under 200 on Bloglovin' so I'm going with that because I love her blog and want to share it. She set up the annual Photoswap which I am very excited to have taken part in this year!
3. A Blog to Ruin - Adam is my pal and writes about music. And frankly, I am a fan of seeing cover art and coloured vinyl on my feed.
4. Mizhenka - Gorgeous photos, based in London.
5. The Fig Tree - I used to live around the corner from Tamsin. Now she's an art student in that London and makes collars and jewellery which she sells on Etsy.
6. Making Things Club - More than just a fun monthly outing for myself, Lori and Chris blog about the meetings themselves, plus oodles of inspiration and other bits and pieces.
7. Curious Pip - Pinocchio meets old Hollywood glamour.
8. Lazy Crafternoons - Chris crafts something new each week for a year!
9. Heather Wilson Thinks - My all-round fabulous illustrator best friend makes me proud. This one's over at Wordpress.
10. Daydream Anthem - Catherine talks metal and other things.
11. Pity Party - Bekah is just starting out with this Blogspot lark, just like me. And she's great.

That's it! Now I suppose I'd better tell them. Thanks again to Holly for tagging me!


  1. This was an interesting post to read. It's always nice to learn a little more about the person behind the blog.

    HIM are great, aren't they! I had my photo taken with Bam Margera at one of their gigs in Sheffield years and years ago. I also watch Hollyoaks and drink decaf coffee!

  2. oh, I read this when you first posted it and then completely forgot to comment, I'm sorry! Thank you so much for the award, I loved reading your answers :)

    I'm never ashamed of my guilty pleasures either lol, but if I have to name one its 7 brides for 7 brothers, I'm not usually a musical fan but I just love it!