Thursday, 22 November 2012

Have You Ever Heard the Lovely Eggs? @ Start The Bus

The tour is only just beginning! Catch them at your local venue in the next week or so.
Last night saw the very lovely Lovely Eggs begin their Wildlife tour with a free show at Start The Bus in Bristol, with support from local popsters Schnauser (replacing the Thyme Machine in the support slot). Having managed to miss my favourite eggs (hard-boiled aside) twice in the last year or so due to ill health, there was no way I was going to be anywhere but STB this time!

Schnauser were sound-checking (in a very twinkly fashion) when I arrived and then had the good grace not to get started until I'd settled myself with a pint (it's almost as if they knew). I really liked them. Imagine a world where the Indelicates taught key stage 1 and you've got Schnauser. The stand-out track for me was "Moron": I'm a sucker for anything that has me snorting with amusement as well as tapping my foot.

If Schnauser are the over-enthusiastic school-teachers at a suburban primary, the Lovely Eggs are the problem child in year 5 who probably shouldn't be allowed fizzy pop in public. They said themselves: "We write a lot of songs about food. We've been given shit for being childish and childlike, but we say, it's not just kids that eat." It's true: they do write a lot of songs about food (including new'un "Food", which, oddly enough, feels like a pop anthem to me), but who doesn't love food? I can identify with hits about sausage rolls perhaps even better than I can with songs about heartbreak (I was a teenage girl for seven whole years). And that's the best thing about the Lovely Eggs. They don't take themselves seriously but they're great at what they do and that's throwing out carefree pop songs about people being twats, anxiety and how, if you've never heard a digital accordion, you're probably going to burn in hell.

In short, bobbing along with the rest of the giddy, flailing crowd, last night was the most fun I've had in a good while that hasn't involved an episode of Hebburn and half a packet of chocolate digestives.
The Lovely Eggs are on tour until 2nd December (see photo, above) and their new album, Wildlife, is out on Monday (26th November)

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