Monday, 12 November 2012

My Monday: lazy brunch and zines

Baked egg
Monday always has that indulgent Sunday feel to it for me, what with working Tuesday to Saturday, so this week I tried my first baked egg, made to a recipe found in issue 2 of The Simple Things. I used a generous hunk of pain parisien from Joe's Bakery in Bishopston and a cloud of black pepper. Pair this with fresh coffee and a glass of red grape and pomegranate juice and you have yourself a very luxurious brunch (let's not kid ourselves: I'm rarely out of bed in time for breakfast on my day off).

I spent the rest of the morning, a brief trip out to run an errand or two aside, lazing in a hot bath READING Virgin #2 and Drifting Clouds, two brilliant zines on virginity and consent, respectively. You can find Drifting Clouds here, either to order a copy of or, if you want, read online in PDF form. I'm also finally in the middle of reading Middlesex (A Novel) by Jeffrey Eugenides, after it being at the top of my mental "to-read" list for over a year!

Lately I've been LISTENING to a strange combination of Field Music - Plumb, ONSIND - Dworkin's Bastards and Maybeshewill - Not for Want of Trying. I saw Maybeshewill on Thursday and can't get enough.

This WEEKEND has been longer and more fun-filled than usual: I booked the Saturday off work and headed down to the first ever Fear of Fiction festival in Stokes Croft. Highlights included Three Trapped Tigers, Talons and Telaviv (something about the letter T, perhaps?).

Back to reality this week, or almost: I have Friday off! I've got that festive holiday feeling already. With plans to go ice skating and gulp down mulled wine after work tomorrow, it really does feel like Christmas is just around the corner!

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