Monday, 19 November 2012

My Monday: low GI baking

A bottle of red makes for a surprisingly good rolling pin!
A couple of months into the diagnosis of PCOS and the associated label of insulin resistance and I am becoming more and more frustrated by the limits of the lifestyle rules I now have to stick to. I knew that if I didn't make myself some low GI treats soon, I'd slip back into the dangerous life of a carb adorer. So today has been all about keeping me happy: a slightly pricey trip to Scoopaway, a perusal of GI High-Energy Cookbook and a few hours in the kitchen later and... well, I think it all needs further work. But I have a rough idea of the ingredients it's safe to use and how - and their shortcomings.

Despite my lack of enthusiasm for the end product of my efforts today, I always enjoy baking and it was a fun way of spending my day off. I may have to invest in a rolling pin, though, as I had to improvise: luckily there just happened to be a full bottle of wine standing on the dining table. As I've been baking, I've been LISTENING to Dworkin's Bastards by ONSIND and singing along at the top of my voice.

I've worn myself out this WEEKEND, but for good reason: my mum and sister visited for a few days and I made it my mission to show them my favourite bits of Bristol - and discovered a few places I hadn't known existed myself! I've fallen into bed each night without even the energy to READ a few pages of my book, but I always awake with enough to watch an episode or three of Gossip Girl - I'm finally getting into it several years late and am on season 2 - so no spoilers, please!

Would you look at the time? It's almost start of a new week (one which brings payday and a Christmas do). Goodnight!

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  1. That is good you found the way that suits your need- getting the specific cook book its gonna be a worthwhile :-)

    I looove Gossip Girls but since I don't have a working TV at home so I surely need to catch up one point

    The Young Bridget Jones