Monday, 12 November 2012

(I Keep Thinking About) Field Music

Firstly, a quick note to explain my absence for those of you who don't keep track of me over on Twitter and Facebook: I had my internet disconnected without warning a few weeks ago so I've not been able to post with the frequency or ease I would have liked. I've managed to get access to a wi-fi hotspot for the time being so hopefully it should be business as usual from now on!

Komedia Bath
In a very last-minute stroke of luck, I found out that Field Music were paying the Komedia in Bath on 19th October. I had a handful of days to grab myself a ticket and, on the day, I rushed straight from work to the train station with a lingering trace of disbelief that I'd even managed to get one. Coming from the Northeast, I guess I'd expected them to sell out everywhere (because they should do - take note, the South).

I wandered around drinking in the sights and sounds of Bath (I'd never been before), found the venue, then stopped off at the Porter for dessert while I waited for the doors to open. When I couldn't wait any longer, I paced impatiently around the block until the Komedia opened up for us, and soon my friends had joined me inside.

Inside the Komedia
The support act were Golden Fable. I'd not even had time to check them out beforehand, but, seeing as Stealing Sheep had supported Field Music on their tour earlier this year, I had good faith and wasn't disappointed. If I were to have a dream, an epic in which white beaches unfolded beneath the hooves of my steed and I looked intensely out towards a castle at sea (whilst looking beautiful and saving my subjects or something like that - I've probably read far too many Tudor novels and played a bit too much Age of Empires in my time), they would be the soundtrack to that dream. I bought a CD and it even had a seal on it (the waxen type, not the cute sea-dwelling animal)!

Golden Fable
Finally, the wait was over and Field Music took to the stage. It was the third time I'd seen them this year (February at the Cluny in Newcastle and July at Tramlines Festival in Sheffield) and perhaps even the best. If you ever get a chance to go and see them, whether you've listened to their music before or not, I implore you to do so! In February I remember breathlessly exclaiming that they were the best live band I'd ever seen and I've yet to change my mind.

Field Music
Field Music's Plumb was nominated for the Mercury Music Award this year and you can listen to it on Spotify (and then go and buy it/their entire back catalogue).

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