Monday, 26 November 2012

My Monday: naps and scraps

Last night saw me don my gladrags for my work Christmas do, so today has been all about napping, orange juice and more napping. I feel like I never get the chance to dress up these days so I threw on my best dress,  LISTENED to the Buffy the Vampire Slayer theme tune on repeat and shimmied around my room before heading to Za Za Bazaar on the harbourside and then dancing on until the morning.

Half of the fun of going out is the getting ready!
The do itself and the resulting lag of fatigue have eaten away most of the WEEKEND, but I've still had this evening to soak in the bath, make a start on my birthday scrapbook and nurse fragrant mugs of hot elderflower cordial. Yesterday morning I ventured to the Cube to mooch around the Christmas market and picked up a couple of gifts for friends and now I'm itching to actually see a film there! What a lovely little cinema.

I've been re-watching The Young Ones over the past couple of days and spotting places I think I might know - including the street where the house was located (or at least, the outside of the house), which is only a few streets over from mine, so I might pay it a visit to see if it's changed! Tonight I'll be retiring early to bed and taking Pathologize This! - a mental health zine - with me to READ. I picked it up from Princesa Pirata Distro's stand at the Cube yesterday.

The weekend doesn't feel like it's been long enough this time round - but what I've had of it, I've enjoyed!

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